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Happy Living BlogThe chances are you were not born a child genius – but do not fear, this doesn’t mean you still can’t achieve great things later in life.

I have a 2 step formula for success that anyone can follow, even if you have no special talents.


1) Follow Your Passion

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”Confucius 

‘Follow your passion’ is a nugget of advice used so often, but it is so true. Success in anything requires effort. You are born with a certain level of skill, but effort is still required. Although this logic seems obvious [click to continue…]


“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”

I heard a beautiful song today called, ‘Don’t miss your life’ by Phil Vassar. The lyrics describe a busy father, who has travelled his whole life through work. After dedicating many years chasing his career, he now feels deep sadness and regret on missing his children growing up.

Listening to this message, and then reflecting on my own my life, I felt happiness. I have intentionally looked for work with minimal travel, and always ensured a positive work-life balance for my family.

This was then followed by a sharp realisation. [click to continue…]


If you haven’t got any big things to worry about, you will invariably find some small problems to dwell on.

Recently I was suffering from worry and anxiety on a particular issue, so as many people do, I looked to google for help. Common tips online included suppressing the fear and attempting to stay in the present moment. Other advice involved acknowledging the worries that enter your head, but not engaging with them, and refocusing on what you’re doing in that moment e.g. watching TV or reading a book.

This was all great advice for dealing with worry, but it didn’t [click to continue…]

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A palliative nurse who cares for dying patients during their final days, has discovered the most common regrets we all have at the end of our lives.

Bronnie Ware, from Australia, was so astounded by the clarity of vision people receive at the end of their lives, that she started a blog called ‘Inspiration and Chai’, that captured her patients final thoughts and personal discoveries during their last days.

Her blog attracted so much attention that she eventually wrote a book about her findings called: ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying’

There was no mention of [click to continue…]


Happy living blog meditation

In recent years, the talk of Meditation and Mindfulness has become increasingly mainstream across the western world.

It wasn’t long ago in western society, that people who meditated were considered a little loopy! During the 60’s and 70’s they were called hippies. In the 80’s and 90’s they were called new-agers. Regardless of the name-tag, anyone who meditated was usually found on the fringes of society. [click to continue…]


Happy Living ScaredThis is the Happy Living Blog, but unfortunately life is not always a bed of roses.

Fear and anxiety are important instincts that can act as a warning sign to keep us safe. But in many situations, these emotions are self-constructed and often irrational thinking.

When nervous, your heart rate increases, sweat glands become activated and often a sick feeling occurs in your stomach. This is a result of your adrenal gland releasing powerful hormones like cortisol around your body.

If you’re experiencing this kind of anxiety when trying something new or stepping out of your comfort zone [click to continue…]

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happy living plane

I love reading this incredible story! Ric Elias had a front row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York – January 2009.

If we could take ANY wisdom that Ric gained from his life changing experience, it would be a small miracle in itself. This is how Ric described the three things he learned during the tragic flight:

“Imagine a big explosion as you climb through 3000 feet.
Imagine a plane full of smoke.
Imagine an engine making an awful clanging noise.
It was scary.

Well I had a unique seat that day [click to continue…]

62b4c793c86e0fc74ee5f4a66b94aedf.600xI didn’t need to do much investigation, research  or in-depth interviews, to determine that Sunday evening is scientifically the least happy time of the week for most people.
During 5 long working-days of willing the weekend to arrive, many people rest high expectations on having the best 2 days ever. Even after a fantastic weekend, the anxiety of the following week will creep into your thoughts Sunday evening.
Its time to get some balance! The Sunday night blues are a state of mind and can be battled with the following techniques:
1) Plan and prepare for the week

[click to continue…]


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